It is no secret that everyone is going social in this generation and generations to come. Everyone from kids to senior citizens are at least on one of the social media platforms. But what if you are a business? Businesses nowadays spend millions and millions on social media marketing and effectively utilizing these networks with your business strategy can be a fantastic way of improving your social presence and interactions with
current and potential customers.

Social media marketing Sri Lanka

With the rapid growth in mobile broadband and fixed internet connections, businesses in Sri Lanka is on the fast track to start investing on social media marketing. Currently over 23 million Sri Lankans have mobile connections. Out of over 5 million active intern et users, over 4.5 million people use social media. Less and less people spend time in front of the TV and more and more people spend time scrolling up and down on mobile phone screens. As a result, small firms and large firms alike, starting to realize the potential of social media marketing in Sri Lanka.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook is without a doubt, the most popular social network in the world and it will be for a long time to come. Therefore investing on Facebook marketing can always be a fruitful endeavor. If cleverly used, Facebook can be a very effective tool to screen out the people you want and create a long lasting relationship with them. Many use Facebook as a personal network to connect with friends and loved ones therefore we can help you build your brand to make it naturally fit into this atmosphere without making it all about selling. 

What makes a regular Facebook account different from a Facebook fan page is the ability to customize your page depending on the type of business you are in or the type of customers you cater to. You only can extend up to 5000 connections in a regular account and the options to promote your account is not there. Therefore as a solution, Facebook introduce fan pages where you can have any number of followers and anyone can follow your work with access to all the promotional and monitoring tools available on Facebook. With over 5 years of experience, we understand how this works and we can help you build your corporate image in a professional way.


Twitter Marketing

With over 120k accounts, Twitter is the second largest social media platform in Sri Lanka. What’s different about Twitter is that it allows you to share small pieces of photos and information fast in an effort to pull people back to your site or landing page. While this I a great way to share quick pieces of information, it is important to make sure you’re building long term relationships with the followers. So carefully planning your twitter marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with them while pushing traffic to your website. 

What makes Twitter marketing different is that it is the best platform for Real-time opportunities. An instant response within minutes of some major event can skyrocket your profile instantly. The advantage of hashtags to spot trending events, promoted Tweets to target a particular segment, Twitter analytics to monitor profile activities etc. can also be taken for Twitter accounts. Even though there is no such thing as fan accounts or regular accounts, the difference is made by making your profile “official” and increasing the number of followers you have. We can make that difference and help you go beyond being ordinary.